Children’s Ministry

Childrens Ministry 2
Purpose of St. Luke's UMC Children's Ministry

Purpose of St. Luke’s UMC Children’s Ministry

We promise to surround our children in a nurturing community, so they may grow in their love for God and service to others.

Children are welcome in worship with their families every Sunday morning at 10 a.m. Kingdom Kids Sunday School classes are also available during service at 10 a.m. for children between the ages of 3 and 5, as well as kindergarteners through 5th graders.

Infants and Toddlers

We provide nursery care for infants and toddlers (up to age 5) on Sunday mornings during worship services and Sunday School. The nursery contains age-appropriate toys and activities, and is monitored by at least two trained nursery workers who care for your children.

We consider having the nursery available to be a ministry opportunity, where young children can be introduced to basic spiritual concepts and God’s love for them.

Our nursery workers promote a secure and safe environment in God’s church while helping babies and toddlers develop social skills. They engage the children with Bible storybooks and Christian music, and teach Bible basics such as “Jesus loves you.”

For more about the nursery, download the Welcome to the Nursery handbook.

Age 5 Through 5th Grade

During worship at 10 a.m., Kingdom Kids is available for children ages 5 through 5th grade.  In this class, the kids will learn a Bible story, make a craft, and have a snack.

Childrens Ministry 2

Courtesy Room

If your child becomes fussy during the worship service, there is a courtesy room at the back of the sanctuary that you are welcome to use. You will still be able to watch the service through the windows, and hear the audio of the service through overhead speakers.

10 Ways to Engage Your Child in Worship

1. Arrive in time to find a good place to sit. Sitting near the front will provide children with a better view of the worship service.

2. Review the bulletin with your child and inform them of baptisms, communion or other things that will happen during worship.

3. Clue your child in to what comes next in the service.

4. Help your child look up scripture and help him or her follow along during readings.

5. Let your child help hold the Bible as scripture is read. This helps them to feel included, even if they cannot read.

6. Encourage your child to stand and participate in the service with the rest of the congregation. If they prefer to dance in the aisle during the music, let them.

7. Give your child money to drop in the offering plate, and let them pass the plate to the next person. Explain what the money is for and where it goes.

8. Encourage fidgeting children to use the magnetic doodle pads in the Welcome Center. Ask them to draw pictures of what they hear in the sermon, or other aspects of worship.

9. Let your child greet the pastor each week before or after the service in the Welcome Center. Knowing the pastor personally will encourage him or her to pay attention during the service.

10. Talk about the service with your child. Make sure your child knows that what they think about the service is important to you.